Activate Wizard by-pass - how to do it programmatic way ?

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Activate Wizard by-pass


1. how to bypass the Activate wizard ?, and run directly the Activate on: .NET x64 COM Assembly (.dll,.tlb)

with object script , something like :

D Activate^%CacheActivate("MyAssembly.tlb")

the MyAssembly.tlb , is ofcourse , a visible Element  in activate Wizard table list

2. activate Wizard table list, sometimes throws an error #6101 ?



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You can use methods of %Activate.TLEnumerator class to load libraries programmatically.


Hi, Emanuel!

You put this post into Community Feedback group, so nobody saw it. Changed to Caché, hope guys will answer you now.

hello Eduard,

thanks for info,

I am not familier with %Activate.TLEnumerator, I looked in documentation, with no result,

can you give code exmaple (step-by-step), or link to code, how I set "MyAssembly.tlb" to %activate list ?, so after setting I view the list and see it in the %activate list

Hi Eduard,

at last I found, and got same results as from Activate Wizard, the two lines of code , that you should advice :

set Location="c:\myPath\Mylib.tlb"

set Package = "Activate" ; (if you want the package under activate)

Set o = ##class(%Activate.TLEnumerator).%New()

do o.LoadTypeLibrary(Location, Package)