Bill McCormick · May 27, 2016 1m read

2016.2 Field Test Kit 2016.2.0.665.0

Steve Glassman is on vacation today so in his place I wanted to announce the availability of a new kit for the 2016.2 Field Test. The kit details are: 2016.2.0.665.0

There is a wide range of changes to the 2016.2 Field Test, 145 of them in total.  You can find a complete listing here:

Bill McCormick

Director of Product Management

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Did someone forget to sign the Windows kits? When I use the 64-bit Ensemble one on my Windows 8.1 machine I was warned that the EXE came from an unknown publisher.

Examining the Properties dialog for the EXE I see this:

By comparison the one for build 645 has a "Digital Signatures" tab with an ISC entry:

We are in the process of enabling more software signers.  For now I'm the only signer and I was out on vacation.

The newly uploaded kits are signed.


Steve Glassman, Director of QD

This version is suitable for running applications? 

Yes, for testing purposes only, though.

We do not recommend going into production with a pre-released version of the product.