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2016.2 Field Test Kit 2016.2.0.632.0

I am pleased to announce the next 2016.2 field test kit, 2016.2.0.632.0.

Since I haven’t sent an update to this thread in a while it should come as no surprise that there have been quite a few changes since I wrote about build 609.  In fact, there have been over 175 changes in 50 different areas, with the majority of changes in:

  • Atelier
  • DOCUMENT Data Model
  • SQL
  • DeepSee

The most changes since build 609 are in Atelier and the biggest Atelier change is that the Atelier client is no longer bundled with the field test kit.  The latest Atelier client is available HERE.

The accumulated list of fixes to problems found in the field since build 609 includes the following changes:

  • DTB387: Fix a problem in time chart data rendering
  • DTB396: Activate font selection for Filter Items in Print Settings
  • DTB399: Exempt %SPACE function from registering as a measure
  • WAL257: Ensure Proper Paging For Custom SQL Listings
  • WAL258: Fixes For HorizontalScrollBar Positioning
  • WAL260: Fix Zebra Striping For KPI Based Pivot Tables
  • WAL261: Add Cell Width Back to KPI Based Pivot Table Style
  • JPL1751: Correct handling of large databases on 32 bit windows
  • MAK4507: Datatype conversion logic would generate invalid code
  • WAL259: Correct Pivot Table Listener Behavior When Changing Chart Type

Please download the kit and give it a try; the latest field test of 2016.2 is available HERE.  And, as always, we welcome your feedback.

Steve Glassman, Director of QD

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