Working on a custom view for LookupSettings.cls. I've added code to adda Change Log entry into the table when rows are added/updated. I'm trying to do the same for when rows are deleted. How can I pull the key & value for the row when it is selected for delete /un-delete? The variable rowData is used a pointer for the row index. I know I'm missing something simple...

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I am trying to create a program to upload blob files from IRIS to Azure Blog Storage, but with no luck.

First, I am trying the APIs, but ##class(%Net.Cloud.Storage.Client).CreateClient() fails with the message "Cannot establish connection". Following the documentation, the parameters are like: CreateClient(, 1, credfile, , .tSC) where credfile specifies a file containing:


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Hi all,

Does anybody have the same issue?

$ZF(-100) to run python script not work when directly execute in studio or in storedproc called by TrakCare, but can work when do in iris session.

The python script imports a "barcode" package. It seems that when directly execute in studio or in storedproc called by TrakCare, the package can not be imported.

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I'm having a few issues with keeping Ubuntu happy and stable, and it seems to be something at the OS level rather than within IRIS itself. My thought is to simply pare back the stuff that Ubuntu LTS runs by default, which will free up system resources (which really shouldn't be a problem, but it might help) and reduce the amount that can go wrong.

Are there any guides as to what can be safely disabled at boot time, or are required to be enabled?

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