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I think I got a bit closer.

When adding the DSTIME (Auto) parameter to a class according to the below, I indeed get the actions recorded in ^OBJ.DSTIME class.

Parameter DSTIME As STRING [ Constraint = ",AUTO,MANUAL", Flags = ENUM ] = "AUTO";

However, there are two exceptions:

  • The timestamp is not recorded (Highlighted in Red)
  • This works only for classes with Cache storage type. Changes in classes with SQL storage type are not recorded.

@Evgeny Shvarov

Hi Evgeni,

Unfortunately, I can't rely on updating existing globals because our whole system is very complex.

I am looking for a class attribute that automatically detects once a line was created/updated an stores the timestamp.

Is such a thing available?



If you can explain a bit about batching process, or direct to posts you think are relevant, it will be much appreciated.

I am struggling to find relevant information.

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