Not sure if it's already included, but just wanted to know if we're going to be able to view and develop business processes using BPL, or data transformations, their graphical way. If this is meant to be a real modern alternative to Studio, support all the IRIS components is a must... Otherwise we'll have to be changing from one IDE to the other... which is not practical and prone to errors.

OK, so using CACHETEMP seems not an option if we need to scale through ECP. But, using other DBs instead, wouldn't impact in the performance? I mean, all the data would be stored on disk and will have to be synchronized through the net with the other APP servers.

I heared that Atelier is not going to evolve as it happens with Studio. Just fixes and perhaps small enhancements. Also there were some comments on DC saying that some months ago. Is it not true? Which is the releases' schedule?

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