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Hi Evgeny,

I guess it's not as much about the size of the community as it is about its composition. COS is not necessarily the kind of programming language/stack a start up is going to choose over JS/Ruby/Python/whatever is hip today. I assume (and it really is just an assumption) many companies are featuring business oriented development focusing on effecient database access and maintaining pretty old systems. Leaving little time/opportunity to try out new things and therefore contribute to the open source community.

I think if Intersystems wants to maintain COS as a viable language and not have every developer rather focus on Node and using Caché solely as a database system they are better off supporting open source efforts and making the language more appealing to younger developers.

Regarding your bullet points

1. Seeing how much of a difference even small contributions make in the COS world (vscode integration, json-output way before itw as implemented in the core language) I think many developers would benefit from even small tools/routines being open sourced.

2. github makes it incredibly easy. Convincing your boss that spending time on something someone else might get for free eventually is not that easy in a corporate environment.

3. As long as it is not using external functionality a simple xml import or install script should be viable.

Personally I really am looking forward to some new features and would like to contribute to projects.


I wholeheartedly agree. Recenlty I tried to teach myself some React/Raact Native but Vue seems so much more natural. I guess Angular (and TypeScript) is a great choice when it comes to rather large codebases but for smaller project Vue is such a breeze.

Although at times you have to deal with Chinese documentation.

Those are great ideas and while I would love to see COS move in that direction I think it's safe to say it's very unlikely to happen. Writing a transpiler is anything but an easy task and considering how small the COS community it would probably end in one or two people writing it, not getting a lot of feedback and finally abandoning the project.

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