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Here's what I do:

authorization64 = $G(pInput.Attributes("authorization"))
// ? valid
if ($PIECE(authorization64," ",1) '= "Basic"){
Status = ##class(%SYSTEM.Status).Error(5001, "Missing basic http authentication")
Throw ##class(%Exception.StatusException).CreateFromStatus(Status)
//  basic http authentication looks like this: "Basic amFhcDphYXA="
authorization = $System.Encryption.Base64Decode($PIECE(authorization64," ",2))
// decoded it looks like this: "username:password"
username = $PIECE(authorization,":",1)
password = $PIECE(authorization,":",2)

Take a look at class %SYS.Task.

All the properties you need to be able to assess whether a task has run and when the next run datetime will be, are there. Some of the property names are not that obvious so you might run a query against that class and then compare what you get with what you see in the Ensemble Task Scheduler.

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