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The way I would gather the globals the process looks at would be to slip something into the logon code that traced all the $zr changes to a trace file. Its not exactly what you asked for as it wouldn't be on a different process.

    s %oldzr=""

    zbreak /trace:all:"/durable/trace.log"

    zbreak $:"T":"%oldzr'=$zr":"s %oldzr=$zr w $zr"

    d ..yourthing()

You could try to %Studio.Debugger Attach to the user's process and do a similar thing.

But will it use a name or age index? Age index bad example but hey. Sqlquery is a class so you can extend/replace it. We came up with a syntax where the sql would generate based on the parameters.  So you could do

--If Name'=""
  And Name %STARTSWITH :Name
--if Age'=""
  AND Age >= :Age

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