· Mar 28, 2023

Help with SOAP Security and WS-Policy


I know little about SOAP security and am trying to apply a WS-Policy to a simple HL7 web service, but when I do I get object script errors.

The most latest one being:

ObjectScript error: <UNDEFINED>zValidateTransport+4^%SOAP.Security.Policy.1 *%request

The web service, shown below, simply extends  UHSx.Common.Services.Twinkle.SOAP, and works perfectly well using basic HTTPS over SSL/TLS:

Class UHSx.Common.Services.Twinkle.SOAP Extends UHSx.Common.Services.HL7.SOAP
{ Parameter LOCATION = ""; Parameter SERVICENAME = "TwinkleHL7SOAP"; Method Send(Input As %Stream.GlobalCharacter) As %Stream.GlobalCharacter [ WebMethod ]
Set tSC=..ProcessInput(Input,.tStreamOut) Do:$$$ISERR(tSC) ..ReturnMethodStatusFault(tSC)
Quit tStreamOut

However when I apply the WS-Policy, shown below, I get the error shown earlier:

/// UHSx.Common.Services.Twinkle.SOAPConfig
/// Configuration class for UHSx.Common.Services.Twinkle.SOAP
Class UHSx.Common.Services.Twinkle.SOAPConfig Extends %SOAP.Configuration [ ProcedureBlock ]
{ XData service
<cfg:configuration xmlns:cfg=""""service">
  <cfg:service classname="UHSx.Common.Services.Twinkle.SOAP">
} }

Any help and advice much appreciated.


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2021.1.1 (Build 324U) Thu Feb 24 2022 13:18:53 EST [HealthConnect:2.1.0] [HealthConnect:2.1.0]
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