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USER>do req.Post("method",1,0) // 2nd param is output to current device; 3rd is no reset

do hr.Post("",1)

This parameter of the method was not enough for me for testing, I did not think of using it because of my little experience.

Thank you very much!

And the parameters in the Location property are really urlencode by default (%Net.HttpRequest):

Property Location As %String; Method LocationSet(val As %String) As %Status [ Internal ]
  Set i%Location=$zconvert(val,"O","URL")
  Quit $$$OK

I'm very sorry, but I was checking incoming requests incorrectly.
And your first answer was what I needed.
Thank you very much for your help!

Does not work for me. Tried it yet do hr.InsertParam("name1", "value1"). But still the parameters are lost

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