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Thanks Robert! This is great and definitely a step in the right direction. I created a new Namespace and then created local databases for each of my CACHE.DAT files.

I just have one follow up question: How do I check which namespace a local database is associated with? I would like all of my databases to share the namespace I created. The only way I could find to make an association is to select default global and routine databases for the namespace.

Should I create a new namespace for each of my restored databases and have the defaults set to each database respectively?

I feel that I might not have provided enough info initially, so here is the entire set of databases from the restore.

  • MYDATASYS          /opt/npc/cachesys/mgr/cache/
  • MYDATAAUDIT      /opt/npc/cachesys/mgr/cacheaudit/
  • MYDATA1               /npc/cachedb/<instance number>_live/mydata1/
  • MYDATA2               /npc/cachedb/<instance number>_live/mydata2/
  • MYDATA1TEMP    /npc/cachedb/<instance number>_live/mydata1temp/
  • MYDATA2TEMP    /npc/cachedb/<instance number>_live/mydata2temp/
  • MYDATA3              /npc/cachedb/<instance number>_live/mydata3/
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