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Thanks for your help, Sergey.

This is the screenshot of the Console.

And this is of the Network.

Hi Sergey,

Thanks for these steps. I'm trying this with Angular 7 as its component architecture really saves my time to learn. 

Yet as I want to migrate the project into a CSP application, I get lost at some points. For simplicity, let me start with a new angular project "my-app" which is created by the "ng new" command and can be run successfully by "ng serve". Up to here, it means to me I have already done Step (1). 

Now I go to Step (2). I defined my CSP application path "/my-app". Then in my "ng build" command, specify the --output-path to that CSP application physical directory. Then I modify every occurrence of the src import in index.html with the "/my-app/" prepended.

Then I test the the URL of index.html in the browser.  But the page is not loaded. It is not a 404. It is just a blank page.

Do you see anything I have missed out or gone incorrectly?

Oh my goodness. Things become much more easy and simple in this way. I don't need to write my own method generator to handle the import and export to and from JSON. Good work!

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