· Mar 22, 2019

Business Service Generator for SQL Inbound

From time to time we develop an Ensemble Production with simple SQL Inbound data from external databases, we need to develop a few new classes. There are at least:

  • 1 Ens.Request class with the fields captured from the SQL ResultSet
  • 1 Business Service class using SQL Inbound Adaptor, and in the OnProcessInput(), copy the relevant field data from ResultSet to the new Ens.Request, and call either ..SendRequestSync() or ..SendRequestAsync().

Let's say, if these codes can be generated automatically in order to make the entire development more "low code". For example, when the Ensemble Production is clicked "start", it first looks up these SQL query statement in BS, and attempt to generate the Ens.Request class, as well as the OnProcessInput() method code of the BS accordingly?

Just wonder if anyone tried doing something like generating these classes according to the SQL query statement in the BS configuration?

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