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My problem was that I had disabled the user UnknowUser and could not access the management portal. I needed to reactivate the user. He could not access the terminal either.

The solution that you proposed to Natasa and that it worked for her, used by Docker, the reality is that I did not know how to implement it since I do not know what is docker. I thank you that you can tell the community about what goes docker and so we document a little more.

Thank you !

Hi Dmitry,

I have the same problem as Natasha except I could not. I get the same error. There is no way to activate the user "Unknow user"? The error window has a "Click here for get access" link but it does not work.

The strange thing is that from the Web Gateway Management I can make a satisfactory test to the server.

Can you help me with any ideas?


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