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Its not mindless, its so a customer can't steal or change your code.    

You can do this with PHP using

It encrypts the code so it can't be changed or stolen.  Esp. When storing keys in the code to decrypt Credit Card data.

I was hoping intersystems had something like this built in.   If there is not a way t hide the source code (from a customer) I could go the route and try and put as much of my Cache scripting in my CSP pages in a mac file and pull from the CSP Page.  

Please bear with me as I only write in cache object script.  We use ontario FACS collection system, we have been writing custom scripts to do things that our end users can't in our main frame.

That screen shot I showed is our main frame going to a read prompt, then end user can hit control F and bring a menu up of "keys"  (1st node in a global)  they can up and down arrow through that list and hit enter to select one and it returns it to the read prompt.

I want to be able to accomplish this.  

- At a read prompt, a user can hit Control-F, a list of items pops up they can select from.  
- The end user can use the up and down arrows to find the "key" hit enter and it populates that key to the "read variable" and moves on.

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