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Expert Nomination, Top 5

  1. FemTech Reminder by @Katsiaryna Shaustruk   
  2. Pregnancy Symptoms Tracker by @José Roberto Pereira 
  3. fhir-healthy-pregnancy by @Edmara Francisco 
  4. iris-fhir-app by @Oliver Wilms 
  5. NeuraHeart by @Grzegorz Koperwas

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Community Nomination, Top 5

  1. Pregnancy Symptoms Tracker by @José Roberto Pereira 
  2. FemTech Reminder by @Katsiaryna Shaustruk  
  3. fhir-healthy-pregnancy by @Edmara Francisco 
  4. FHIR Questionnaires by @Yuri Marx 
  5. iris-fhir-app by @Oliver Wilms 

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