That's right, this is the correct solution, sincerely thank you for your help!

wish you a happy life~smiley

Oops, a joke, I am sorry that I understood wrong before.

Configuration is like this:

The operating system I am using now is win10 Pro. The original regional setting was China, and it was later changed to the United States. However, it still seems to have no effect.

Later, I found out that as long as the text file does not contain Chinese characters, such as "乱码", the file encoding format on the server side is normal, that is UTF-8. Otherwise, the file format is automatically saved to ANSI (very likely corresponding code page For 936 GBK).

I don't know if this involves the relevant settings or processing of the Chinese code for the operating system, and whether this information is enough to provide more clues or tips for everyone.
But still thank you.

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