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If you mean "w $$start^SNMP()" then yes. 

I also ran "ccontrol start ENSEMBLE"


Hi Fabian, thanks for the list of things to try.

I registered the iscnmp.dll again. %Monitor Services are running. Productions are running. ENSEMBLE instance is running. 

However I did not see any SNMP listing in the System > Processes list. 

Ireasoning MIB browser can succesfuly walk the Windows MIB file. But when I walk an entry in the Cache-MIB it displays (No data available)

Have any thoughts?

Ah yes, I have seen that article. However most of it is intended for Redhat OS. 

I am currently out of options to troubleshoot. Either way, thank you for your help. If I come about a solution, I will post it here. 


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