Hi Fabian, thanks for the list of things to try.

I registered the iscnmp.dll again. %Monitor Services are running. Productions are running. ENSEMBLE instance is running. 

However I did not see any SNMP listing in the System > Processes list. 

Ireasoning MIB browser can succesfuly walk the Windows MIB file. But when I walk an entry in the Cache-MIB it displays (No data available)

Have any thoughts?

Ah yes, I have seen that article. However most of it is intended for Redhat OS. 

I am currently out of options to troubleshoot. Either way, thank you for your help. If I come about a solution, I will post it here. 

Hi John, the cconsole.log and audit database hasnt shown any information regarding SNMP. (SNMP debug is enabled)

Otherwise, everything is locally installed on the server. I've also tried disabling the Firewall.


SNMP Service was installed prior to the Cache SNMP agent. Registering the agent was succesful (I believe you helped me with that in a earlier post)  I've also rebooted the entire server which helped with a few other servers I've set up. 

Yes. That did the trick. The registry update went succesful. 

Thanks for your help,


Hi John, thankyou for the quick response. Unfortunately "csession" isnt anywhere to be found in my Intersystems folder. 

C:\InterSystems\Ensemble\bin>csession ENSEMBLE
'csession' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

We're running

Version:Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.1.2 (Build 206U) Mon Jul 25 2016 16:42:32 EDT