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Hi Vic!

Thanks for answering me.

Using% SYS.PTools.SQLStats.Purge you said that it clears some data but not everything. How would I go about clearing this other data that is not cleared with the command? Because not serving there and they will serve no purpose, just consuming unnecessary space in the cache base, correct?

Using this command it only excludes as collected statistics, does it exclude any other data from the global?

Thanks again.

Thank you for the answer!

It worked in parts, let's get to the facts:

1 - I did tests only the first quick test, because I believe that in others the result is similar. Here in the image below, you can see that using an expression, it was case sensitive, as in the case the name fabio was registered with the first capital letter (Fabio) select returned 0

2 -  Here putting the capital F of the word Fabio, the database brings exactly what I expect, all the records recorded in the table.

3 - However, when placing an accented word in the case as an example Fábio, the database does not return any results. As you can see below:

How to make this instruction search for any word (Fabio, fabio, FÁBIO and other possibilities) without being case sensitive and using accents or not?

Thanks again.

Good Morning!

Thanks for answering Robert Cemper.

I did the checks as you guided me and everything is as you can see in the images below:

1 - Here we check the installation and the U appears.

2 - Here we can see that ptbw (Portuguese, Brazil, Unicode) is selected.

3 - Here Portuguese2 is selected, it already comes with the installation

Okay, let's get to the facts!

To insert data with accentuation of type Ex .: (áéíóúÁÉÍÓÚçÇâêîôûÂÊÎÔÛ) among other types of accents, the database accepts normally and are recorded without problems. See image of an example table that I have here to show

See in the image above, that in the FIRSTNAME field, I have the name Fábio, Fabío and Fabio (two of them with accents and one without an accent)

However, when trying to make a select with some condition to show all results with FABIO (with accents and without accents) the instruction does not return, it shows only the way it was typed in the condition, as you can see in the image below:

What I need is that when making a select using a condition, the database returns all names (Fábio, Fabío and Fabio) regardless of whether they have accents or not.

If so, how could I solve this problem?

Thank you very much and I hope help

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