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Hello Raghu --

I think you are interested in doing an unattended restore with ^DBREST. See the documentation for modifying the jrnopt and jrnfile parameters:

Also an additional doc that may be helpful:

HTH, Evan

Regarding the 'Search' functionality:

1) Special symbols such as $ now are searchable (without specifically adding quotes) -- excellent, great improvement!!

2) Searching WITH quotes fails to perform same search:
Due to above, searching both $d and $data (without quotes) works correctly. Now notice the failure of the same search with quotes: "$d" (no $data results at all) and "$data" (appropriate result 17 items down).

3) When the search query contains quotes, the summary at the top of the page fails to decode the special characters ("). For example searching "$data" will display at head of result page:
Matches in text: 1 - 20 of 76 for "$data". (.00029s)  

4) Following a link from the Search Results page doesn't allow for respecting the in-page 'Back' button. It's unclear if this is the intended use of 'Back'. By landing on a doc from search, using the 'Back' button does not return the user to the previously used page (the search results), but instead goes to a higher level in tree-view.

Yes, exactly. Thanks.

Preferably there is some smooth way of backtracing these bread crumb trails that are maintained in that left pane. Can the back button smoothly transition back to the higher level tree-view? Essentially as I drill down the high level view of the documentation books, can each section and subsection be displayed while leaving the highest level of books still within browsable view? I don't see why this concept of a 'book' needs to be restrictive against transparently browsing multiple topics among multiple books.

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