Raghuram Devarakonda · Mar 30, 2017

How to perform journal restore programmatically?


After restoring all the Cache related files on a machine, I am performing journal recovery using the command "^JRNRESTO". It works as described in the document and the recovery succeeds. However, the command is interactive. Is there a way I can run it in a programmatic way? I don't want to just supply a text file containing answers to all the prompts. I am wondering if there is way I can pass all the information upfront to the command.



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I am curious as to why you would need to run the ^JRNRESTO utility programmatically. Journal restore is already automatic unless Cache is started in maintenance mode. Additionally, if you are using ^JRNRESTO regularly, you may want to open a case with the WRC, as journal restores should probably not be a regular occurrence.

In other words, what is your use case for repeated planned uses of ^JRNRESTO?

I think my following post in this forum may help in understanding the use case.

In short, the use case is to bring up a Cache instance on a test machine from a production backup. As I explained in the above post, I will bring back all the file systems at same mount points. Are you saying that I can just start Cache in normal mode because recovery happens automatically? The answer in the above post mentions that it is better to do journal recovery.