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When using the old stream classes (%Library.GlobalXXXXStream) you should never set a stream property A to the oref from another stream B, as the Location value of stream B will be copied into stream A. You should use CopyFrom to avoid this Location change.

Taking @Lorenzo Scalese  sample method add2(), it should be rewriiten as:

ClassMethod add2() As %Status
   Set = ..%New()
   Set st = ##class(%GlobalBinaryStream).%New()
   Do st.Write("azeruiop")
   //Set = st
   Quit o.%Save()

If you use the new stream classes %Stream,GlobalXXXX, the original code from method add2() will keep the Location from stream property:

ClassMethod add2() As %Status
Set = ..%New()
Set st = ##class(%Stream.GlobalBinary).%New()
Do st.Write("azeruiop")
Set = st
Quit o.%Save()


Great code Julius!

To fix the problem with leading spaces, you can use :

Set data = $zstrip(data,"<>"," ")

It's not a pretty solution but you can achieve it using a terminal script (iristerm/cterm). The script will call your routine and when it ends it will throw a popup alert informing that your routine did finish. It will not bring the terminal to the foregroung but you get the alert.

Save this to a file:

send: d ^myRoutine<cr>
wait for: USER>
execute: mshta vbscript:Execute("msgbox ""Routine myRoutine finished processing."",48:close")

In terminal, press ALT+S and select the your script file and when the routine ends you will see a popup.

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