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Hi Rochdi,

If directly working with globals in a live system, I would strongly advise you to use the LOCK command to set and release locks. It is possible that if your process has not stopped, all the locks are still being retained.


Consider using the following from the documentation:

  • LOCK +lockname applies a lock on the specified lock name(s) without unlocking any previous locks. This allows you to accumulate different locks, and allows you to apply incremental locks to the same lock.
  • LOCK -lockname performs an unlock operation on the specified lock name(s). Unlocking decrements the lock count for the specified lock name; when this lock count decrements to zero, the lock is released.

Additionally, using LOCK without arguments, will release all active locks in the namespace held by the current process.

Hi Yone,

Message viewer generates SQL queries when you perform a "Search". This means that the GetAt() methods you typically use for Lists won't function properly in the criteria menu.

However, if you simply want to retrieve lists containing "V08984", try using the 'Contains' operator:


This way you are treating the List property (IMOVIMIENTOS) as a String, and simply searching for your sub-string within it. If you are interested in learning about how to perform SQL queries against List or Array properties, see this documentation about their SQL projections.

If you are interested in finding the 1st, or 2nd etc element of a List, then you can try using the Match operator, see Matching documentation. There may be better ways of using these operators, but this is the simplest solution I can think of.

It's worth noting that the SQL projected fields of your class will look like this:


So pattern matching may be your best option for working with multiple list elements.

Hope that helps!

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