· Aug 17, 2023

Stopping PEX Business Service with python Director class

I'm using the PEX framework to create non-polling Business Services in Python. Below is the code I've used to instantiate my Python Business Service from the application I have written:

conn = iris.connect(...)
IRIS = iris.createIRIS(conn)
pexserv = iris.pex.Director.CreateBusinessService(conn, "Demo.PEX.FlaskPEXService")
response = pexserv.ProcessInput(record_id)
IRIS.close() # Release IRIS obj

The Service works fine, messages are received properly by the target Business Process as defined by my PEX service, however, every time I run Director.CreateBusinessService(), the created job terminates 'unexpectedly' once I close the IRIS connection.

This is the result of submitting 10 messages through my Python application:


What is the best way of safely 'releasing' the instance of my proxy business service from the Python app? The class doesn't have any inbuilt methods for releasing a created business service.

Summary: I can create new services without limit, but I can't kill them cleanly before closing the IRIS connection.

Product version: IRIS 2023.1
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