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Thank you for returning Mr. Clark,
When I do not send the password is presented another error:

Sending: Set status=server.Connect(servername,user,pass,AccessToken)
Error returned: "Erro #6015: Servidor POP3 reportou erro: -ERR Authentication failure: unknown user name or bad password.."

Sending: Sending: Set status=server.Connect(servername,user,AccessToken)
Error returned: "Erro #6015: Servidor POP3 reportou erro: -ERR Protocol error. Connection is closed. 10."

The Token is being obtained through Postman.
I'm using the following Scopo: "offline_access openid User.Read POP.AccessAsUser.All SMTP.Send IMAP.AccessAsUser.All"

I'm sending the following keys in the Postman:



Claudio Vieira

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