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Autentication OAuth 2.0 Microsoft Office 365


I use Caché COS and I'm having trouble doing a POP3 on the Microsoft email server using OAuth 2.0 authentication.

I'm using the following program to accomplish this task:

QGPOP ; Recebe e-mail da Microsoft Office 365
  Set server=##class(%Net.POP3).%New()
  Set server.port=995
  Set server.StoreAttachToFile=1
  Set server.AttachDir="D:\HOME\CNTIRET"
  Set servername=""
  Set user="",pass="xxxxxx"
  Set AccessToken="exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  set server.SSLConfiguration="Transnovag"
  Set status=server.Connect(servername,user,pass,AccessToken)
  Do $System.Status.DisplayError(status)
  set status=server.GetMailBoxStatus(.NumMensagens,.TamTotalMensagens)
  w !!,"Nr. de mensagens na pasta: ",NumMensagens,!!
  Do $System.Status.DisplayError(status)
  s closeserver=server.%Close()
I'm getting the following error message:

Erro #6015: Servidor POP3 reportou erro: -ERR Authentication failure: unknown user name or bad password..

Has anyone ever been able to make that connection?


Claudio Vieira

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2022.1.1 (Build 374U) Tue Oct 18 2022 17:39:18 EDT
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If you are using an access token, do not also send a password.

How are you getting the access token? Are you including the necessary scopes for email? You need to use scopes and (or similar) to send and receive email.

Microsoft also requires a tenant id in the request, for example:
where "common" is the tenant id for an email address, but you may need to use the tenant id for

Thank you for returning Mr. Clark,
When I do not send the password is presented another error:

Sending: Set status=server.Connect(servername,user,pass,AccessToken)
Error returned: "Erro #6015: Servidor POP3 reportou erro: -ERR Authentication failure: unknown user name or bad password.."

Sending: Sending: Set status=server.Connect(servername,user,AccessToken)
Error returned: "Erro #6015: Servidor POP3 reportou erro: -ERR Protocol error. Connection is closed. 10."

The Token is being obtained through Postman.
I'm using the following Scopo: "offline_access openid User.Read POP.AccessAsUser.All SMTP.Send IMAP.AccessAsUser.All"

I'm sending the following keys in the Postman:



Claudio Vieira

Set status=server.Connect(servername,user,AccessToken) needs to be
Set status=server.Connect(servername,user,,AccessToken)

To get the token I use:


scope="openid offline_access"

The client_secret is in the post form.
code_challenge/method, nonce, and state may be optional, but desirable for security.
prompt="consent" changes how the authorization is done and probably optional.
access_type="offline" is probably optional since you have the offline_access scope.

I found that adding some additional scopes would prevent the token from working for retrieving email.