Brendan Bannon · Aug 6, 2018

WRC Status Updates

WRC Status Updates


We continue to make improvements to the WRC Direct application in order to better serve all of our clients.  We have launched an improved user interface, which provides insight into ad hoc corrections and resolution of defects. Recently we’ve improved the email delivery of WRC status updates.


All emails about WRC requests will have the same format:

  • The first part of the email will show the last action and the advisor’s name. You will easily be able to learn the current state without reading through the entire message.
  • The remaining part will show the full history of the incident. If you need details on how the incident has progressed, it’s in the message.
  • Only the primary contact is listed as the TO address. The message will be sent to everyone related to the request, but except for the primary contact, they will be on the BCC list.


If you have suggestion, I would love to hear them.  Please email me at:


Brendan Bannon

Support Manager.


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