I don't think this syntax works. I think the exclusion is for matching against wild cards, for example if you wanted to export all the globals called some*.gbl but exclude one or more of them. I don't think it deals with subscripts.

You may need to merge your global into a temporary global, kill the subnodes you want to exclude, export, and then merge the temporary global back to restore them. (or something similar)

I understand that this is probably not an option if the data is huge. Maybe InterSystems support (WRC) can help.

Hello Edward -
If you're referring to the Patient Summary reports, then access to that is controlled by the %Admin_Manage resource. You can edit existing roles or create new roles with access to that resource as you like.

If this isn't what you're asking, please elaborate. Thanks

-Bill S.

HealthShare development

Anna - yes, when you build your array of items to export, you can include expressions like:

set items("myGlobal(""x"").GBL") = ""

set status = $system.OBJ.Export(.items, myFile, myOptions)

... and this will export ^myGlobal("x").

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