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Likely just a profound misunderstanding of the set up portion on my part. I'm not familiar with having to set up a server for an IDE.

To start server services, I'm using the irisstart in bin. I receive the prompt of:


irisstart <InstantName>

  to start instance <InstanceName>"

I've tried using the default login of _system  and SYS (or sys) per the documentation but get a communication error.

Within a year. Was able to find a screenshot of how a previous install appeared. 

I believe I did install the community version of IRIS (apologies if I misspoke). Here's the install file: IRIS_Community-2022. 

edit: to answer the second part — I'm just looking to write and learn MUMPS/cache locally without any server connection.

I recall on a previous install some time ago there was an ability to create scripts locally by loading up studio and selecting "USER." This allowed to not have any server connectivity and to just run scripts locally for learning/experimenting. Is that function no longer available?

I appreciate your responses so far - thank you!

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