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If you use the Comments section you eliminate the need to create your own custom routing engine.

Your ProcessMessage approach still should work.

Given your custom RoutingEngine includes the following statements:

Property ProcessMessage As %Boolean;

Parameter SETTINGS = "ProcessMessage:Catagory";

And if you issue a:

select Settings from Ens_Config.Item where Production = ‘YourProduction’

 and Name = ‘YourProcessName’

Do you see “ProcessMessage” in Settings List?

The Settings are stored in Ens_Config.Item and can be retrieved  with

ClassMethod GetAdapterSettingValue() or ClassMethod GetHostSettingValue()

set SourceConfigName = "YourCustomRouter”  ;Must be enabled when non-unique

Set tSetting = "ProcessMessage"

Set tHostSettingValue=##class(Ens.Director).GetHostSettingValue(##class(Ens.Director).GetActiveProductionName()_"||"_SourceConfigName,tSetting,.tSC)

write !,"System.Status.GetErrorCodes "_$System.Status.GetErrorCodes(.tSC)_" : "_$System.Status.GetOneStatusText(.tSC)

write !,tSetting_" = ("_tHostSettingValue_") tSC=("_tSC_")"

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