Just FYI, you can install Caché in one location, all you have to do is

Before run cinstall script on Linux, export following environment variables ( you should export the same env variables in your .bash_profile)

# export CACHESYS=/home/htong/cache2015/etc/cachesys


Then you kick off cinstall (please note, you may either become root, or remain as yourself, in my case, just as htong) the Caché installation script will run (it will write cache.reg, iscagent and other libs to the directory specified by env variable CACHESYS) and will make either root or yourself as the owner of the instance. During install, you specify /home/htong/cache2015 as the location to install Caché.

After that you will have everything you need in one location, in my case, /home/htong/cache2015.

Better yet, you really don't need root to install and run Caché anymore, when I installed Caché 2015 as htong, after installation, I can do ccontrol stop CACHE as htong, then I just create a tar.gz file of entire /home/htong/cache2015 directory, I can copy the tar.gz file to any machine, and recreate my Caché instance just tar vxf it.

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We have exe in /usr/bin

Until the time we will offer one single root dir for our install you’re better off re-installing than figuring out all the dispersed pieces…

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