Right that's a big one. But unless it's severely delayed, the last log in there for me was a couple hours ago and I just now made the error again.

Do you mean like %SYS or whatever else is available in the application log page? If so unfortunately there's only %sys and ensemble, which both don't have anything new in them.

Hey thanks for looking into the source! This should hopefully suffice for what we need.

Unfortunately I don't know how to go about altering that value after or before it's been generated. You may have to experiment with including custom functions in your tags that output page numbers, or try to get the value from the special tag into one of your custom tag functions. Whatever you do, there doesn't seem to be a native way and you'll have to do something custom.

I'll try to answer just the conversion question. It looks like someone has asked about roman numerals before here:


However the conclusion was that the referenced article in that question here:


Doesn't support roman numeral conversion. Now there's a billion ways to do this yourself, and I was inspired by the unary method in one of the answers here, instead of complex loops:


So I made something similar for ObjectScript, and it gets the job done in a very simple way. Note that it doesn't use a full Subtractive method for conversion, for that you'll need more cases. The replaces could be structured differently too but I wanted it to be as understandable as possible. Call it in your report however you like.

ClassMethod RomanNumeralConversion(pNum) As %Status {
   set roman = ""
   for x=1:1:pNum {
    set roman = roman_"I"
   set roman = $REPLACE(roman,"IIIII", "V")
   set roman = $REPLACE(roman,"IIII","IV")
   set roman = $REPLACE(roman,"VV","X")
   set roman = $REPLACE(roman,"VIV", "IX")
   set roman = $REPLACE(roman,"XXXXX", "L")
   set roman = $REPLACE(roman,"LL", "C")
   set roman = $REPLACE(roman,"LXL", "XC")
   set roman = $REPLACE(roman,"CCCCC", "D")
   set roman = $REPLACE(roman,"CCCC", "CD")
   set roman = $REPLACE(roman,"DD", "M")
   set roman = $REPLACE(roman,"DCD", "CM")
   return roman

What you've shown me inspired me to try something else...I can't draw from %request.Content.Data directly because it's always undefined, so I've had to use Read() all of the time whenever I need Data values from POST messages.

This seems to be working for any size so far, and I think I can come up with something more efficient later, but at least it's working!

set stream = ##class(%Stream.GlobalCharacter).%New()
While (%request.Content.AtEnd = 0) {
     Set len = $$$MaxStringLength
     do stream.Write(%request.Content.Read(.len))



Set outputStream = ##class(%Stream.GlobalCharacter).%Open(oid)
While (outputStream .AtEnd = 0) {
     Set len = $$$MaxStringLength
     Write outputStream .Read(.len)