Sorry, not enough data on my question,
this machine work as "ensemble",
more bigger database have no more 40Gb (production active),
iristemp growth from aprox 10Gb  to 106Gb,
after init Iris Again i move this database to another disk, and use truncate button, the screen show 24 Gb size, not file total size, after run process file and portal show lower 100Mg file
this machine use outbound queries ODBC, not inbound queries exists, this outbound queries get a lower number of rows,
some process clean tables used as temporal data extracted from Non Iris database to transfer this data to another Iris Server
This machine work on Failover Cluster, the other machine have no news after shutdown
Only one special condition, this cluster work without arbiter
After start iris again i read Audit and logs, not a clue in Iris or Linux logs

ghost in the machine ?

in my case, some fixes for Huawei (like Old version s3)

Class Cloud.Storage
ClassMethod GetOBSCredentials(profile = "CloudStorage") As %Status
    Set tUsername = ##Class(Ens.Config.Credentials).%OpenId(profile)
    If (tUsername){
        Set %extOBS("AccessKeyId")=tUsername.Username
        Set %extOBS("SecretAccessKey")=tUsername.Password
    Quit $$$OK
ClassMethod OBSSignRequest(ByRef request, requeststring, bucket) As %String
    If '$data(%extOBS) {
        Set sc=..GetOBSCredentials()
    Set tAccessKeyId = %extOBS("AccessKeyId")
    Set tSecretAccessKey = %extOBS("SecretAccessKey")
    Set tDateH = $ZTS
    Set tWeekDay = $Piece($ZDateTime(tDateH,11)," ",1)
    Set tDate = tWeekDay_", "_$ZDateTime(tDateH,2,1)_" GMT"
    Set request.Date = tDate
    Set tContentMD5 = ""
    Set tContentType = ""
    Set CanonicalizedHeaders = "x-obs-acl:private"
    Set tStringToSign = $Piece(requeststring," ",1)_$Char(10)_
                            "/"_ bucket_$Piece(requeststring," ",2)
    Set tStringToSignUTF8 = $Zconvert(tStringToSign,"O","UTF8")
    Set tSignature = ##Class(%SYSTEM.Encryption).HMACSHA1(tStringToSignUTF8,tSecretAccessKey)
    Set tSignatureBase64 = ##Class(%SYSTEM.Encryption).Base64Encode(tSignature)
    Set tAuthorization = "OBS "_tAccessKeyId_":"_tSignatureBase64
    Set request.Authorization=tAuthorization
    Quit $$$OK
ClassMethod GetFileHeader(filename, ByRef stream As %Stream.GlobalBinary, ByRef status As %Library.DynamicObject, classname = "") As %Status
    Set status = {}
    Set bucket = $Piece(filename,"/",3)
    Set key=$Piece(filename,"/",4,*)
    Set object="/"_bucket_"/"_key
    Set obsRegion=$Get(^EXT.OBSBucketRegion(bucket),"la-south-2")
    Set server = bucket_".obs."_obsRegion_""
    Set request = ##Class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New()
    Set request.Server = server
    Set request.Https=1
    Set request.SSLConfiguration="ISC.FeatureTracker.SSL.Config"
    Set url =  "/"_key
    Set requeststring="GET "_"/"_key
    Set sc= ..OBSSignRequest(request,requeststring,bucket)
    Set sc = request.Get(url)
    Set status.code = request.HttpResponse.StatusCode
    Set stream=request.HttpResponse.Data
    Set stream.LineTerminator=$Char(10)
    Quit $$$OK

I use Credentials to save data.

Thanks !!

Finally, wizard created methods and objects not create as persistent by default, i change that and everything works.

no, metrics URL response after 40 seconds.

the systems have some databases, but is not in production or in use.

Hi, you have some tests on 2020.1 ?

i have some strange issue, around 40 seconds response from a host with no charge server

@Thembelani Mlalazi 

Hi, thanks,
1 how bigger is this stream ? xml message have normal limitation to 32k or 64k related to system config
2 can you separate this files and serve on links ?
3 can you encrypt like base64 html images?

i'm not sure have the answer, but i think this questions can help you to get the right path to solution

i forget something ...

file exist, but :

Not Found

The requested URL /csp/user/index.csp was not found on this server.

i so sad, this history never end ...

this solution have no interaction with login failure, some ideas ??

best solution to my problem look like stupid solution :

In my case : i need a custom home page, look no cache system (Custom Logo, Custom Form)

my solution :

1.- create a simple index.html with a login form (Action page is my App Home)
2.- put this file in web app folder

3.- Set "Login Page" to my index.html

Bingo !