Hansel Rudy Sta... · Dec 20, 2017

Business Operation SOAP WebClient


I create a WebService in Machine One, with some process, i tested this webservice with SOAPUI, worked.

After that i create a simple Business Operation, SOAP Adapter, based on WebClient created with SOAP Wizzard, the problem with that is on response var, i have empty var on my operation, somebody have some Ideas ? 

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Set tSC = $System.Status.OK()
    Set tRequest = ##class(PortalPaciente.s0.ConsultaPaciente1).%New()
    Set tResponse = ##class(PortalPaciente.s0.InformacionPaciente).%New()
    Set pResponse = ##class(PortalPaciente.Msg.OInformacionPaciente).%New()
    Set tRequest.RUT = pRequest.RUT
    Set tSC = ..Adapter.InvokeMethod("ConsultaPaciente",.tResponse,tRequest)
    if '$IsObject(tResponse)
        Set tSC = $System.Status.Error(5001,"The method ConsultaPaciente did not return anything!")
    Set pResponse.EstadoConsulta = tResponse.EstadoConsulta
    Set tSC = tException.AsStatus()
Quit tSC

in tResponse i can only get "1"


the object i spect is formed by 3 properties :

One %String

One Object

One list Of Objects

I'm working on it, add file debug in operation and webClient, in webClient i can get the full and correct object, but don't  pass to operation.

1. There's no need to instantiate tResponse, it would be reinstantiated later anyway.

2. Please post ConsultaPaciente method from your class specified in WebServiceClientClass setting.

I get the trace, mi web service is generated only with (%RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor) Objects, this generate some problem for wizard on ensemble machine, changing to %Persistent have the solution

@Hansel Rudy Stange Gaete 
Was wondering did you get this problem solved I also have an object with a stream property that I am trying to return in a soap response and is blank but in the trace on the production is populated  any help appreciated 

@Thembelani Mlalazi 

Hi, thanks,
1 how bigger is this stream ? xml message have normal limitation to 32k or 64k related to system config
2 can you separate this files and serve on links ?
3 can you encrypt like base64 html images?

i'm not sure have the answer, but i think this questions can help you to get the right path to solution

Finally, wizard created methods and objects not create as persistent by default, i change that and everything works.

I think there is some issue in WebServiceClientClass .

Please post ConsultaPaciente method from your class specified in WebServiceClientClass setting!

Hope it will help you to fix the issue.