Hmm, i've visited your links but still I don't know what to do, my knowledge on this area is very limited.
As for your reply about not using cache's own webserver: I can't change that situation now. But csp (and weblink)have been installed on the iis-webserver and througt that server the cache's database server is being apporached.Apart from this rest-call. So maybe the problem is that I use a rest-url straight to the cache-server in stead of using the webserver? Best regards, Simon

Hi Henrique,

I don't have any code for this api yet but I do have one for (for example) JSON:

<Route Url="/newOrder" Method="post" Call="newOrder"/>

ClassMethod newOrder() As %Status {

    S dataToProcess=%request.Content.Read(32000)
    s dataToJSON=$TR(dataToProcess,"'"," ")
    s dataToJSON=$TR(dataToProcess,"""","'")
    s ^simonupload(2)=dataToJSON
    S dataToJSON=##class(Util.JSON).Decode(dataToJSON)
    s ^simonupload(3)=dataToJSON
    s ^simonupload(4)=dataToJSON.GetAt("Opmerkingen")
    s ^simonupload(5)=dataToJSON.GetAt("Bijlagen").GetAt(1)    
    quit $$$OK

This works for receiving JSON.

But I don't know how to do it with Form Data.