· May 24, 2020
calling AIX command failed

I can run the following commands from the AIX command line prompt without any problem

-bash-2.05b$ echo t
-bash-2.05b$ echo œ

When I call from insider cache, I have problem.

USER>D $ZF(-1,"echo t")

USER>D $ZF(-1,"echo œ")

D $ZF(-1,"echo œ")

I am using cache 2017.2. Can someone shed some light?

Thank you.

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· Jan 27, 2020
IRIS supports of Python and C++

I cannot find those folders under my IRIS install dev folder. Those were in my cache install dev folder.

Will InterSystems drop those support? If yes, why are there some discussion about Python/Iris in this forum?

Of course, I wish IS continue to support those.

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