Our lab system is now sending DSC segments in large Pathology results in the ORU message that is followed by a partial continuation message with only MSH and OBX segments.  the  pointer is in the MSH;14 in the subsequent message.  I believe the goal is to concatenate the first and second message but imagine this will require some custom functions which I have not done much of.  Anyone already tackled this by chance? 

Initial message:

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I am working in Ensemble (Health Connect) and doing an HL7 translation

I have what I hope is a simple coding question (but for the life of me, I am struggling).  I have a requirement where I need to extract the last 5 characters of a variable length string.  The return value should be those last 5 characters.  For example - String = CE325ACCT98765 where the return value of the function needs to be 98765.  I am just drawing a blank.

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I have been struggling and could use some help as I think I'm burnt.  I am trying to change a Textual 2.5.1 OBX;5 with multiple iterations to a simple non-iterating outbound result.  I have played around with $piece but can't seem to get it to work.  The outcome I would like is for OBX;5 to look like this: |Positive| and currently it looks like this: |Positive~_~_~_~_~|.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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