· Nov 7, 2016
Recently Read is incorrect

I clicked on my name to view my profile. It shows a list of recently read posts. This list is incorrect. It seems to be listing all the posts on the homepage as post I have read. I have not read the majority of these posts.

Perhaps the recently read logic is broken? I assume recently read would require me to actually view the posting to consider it read?

Can you correct (or remove) this information in the profiles

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· Nov 1, 2016
How do I decline an answer?

I posted a question and someone replied with a comment.
This comment was marked as an answer, but the comment does not actually answer the question.

How do I tell the system that the comment is not actually an answer and should not be marked as answered?

Can the original post author decline an answer? What is the answer is incorrect?

Can the community vote on the best answer (like on other popular discussion boards)?

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Please update the Global Summit group description.

InterSystems Global Summit 2016 is an unparalleled opportunity to meet with your peers and with InterSystems’ executives and experts, discussing the technologies, strategies, and methodologies that lead to success.This group is intened to discuss news and to ask questions about Global Summit 2016 conferences, unconferences, sessions etc.Register now!

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· Oct 19, 2016 1m read
Bad format/layout to be fixed

PLease see attached image.

The layout of the "last comment/answer" on the list of topics has a line break in it creating bad layout.

Please fix. This fix will tighten up the list of topics displayed

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· Oct 19, 2016
topic vs tag?

When I create a post, it requires I select Related Topics.

On the right side there is browse by tag.

Are Topics = Tags?

If so can the DC admin please be consistent with the naming convention? Pick one and correct all the instances

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