I've mapped multiple tables (UNION on mapped SQL classes) into a view, using CREATE VIEW.

Through ODBC, in Entity Framework, I am querying against that view and offering paging. The paging is implemented using IQueryable.Skip and IQueryable.Take.

Skip seems to have unexpected results, I believe due to incorrect SQL generated by the Entity Framework provider, though perhaps I've done something incorrectly. The generated SQL looks similar to this (with some bits replaced or altered for security reasons), the basic structure is unaltered.

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I'm currently exploring alternatives to CSP/services and ODBC/Sql Maps for access to Caché. I'm not seeing a library which would interest me, so am considering creating one myself.

Does 'CacheConnection' in C# use RPC of some sort, or a defined protocol to communicate with Caché, or does it do so over telnet with scripted commands? I would assume the former. If so, is this a publicly documented protocol that can be implemented by library developers?

Any guidance in this area would be appreciated.

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