· Jul 4, 2017

Implementing a Native Client for C#


I'm currently exploring alternatives to CSP/services and ODBC/Sql Maps for access to Caché. I'm not seeing a library which would interest me, so am considering creating one myself.

Does 'CacheConnection' in C# use RPC of some sort, or a defined protocol to communicate with Caché, or does it do so over telnet with scripted commands? I would assume the former. If so, is this a publicly documented protocol that can be implemented by library developers?

Any guidance in this area would be appreciated.

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Hi Dmitry,

Thank you for your response. .Net Caché eXTreme was interesting... I've read through that page before. The main downside would be having to either implement software on the same server as Caché installation, or having to implement (and maintain, deploy, etc.) middleware and designing my own protocol for remote use.

I'll have a look at the C++ binding. Do you happen to know if this uses telnet as if it was entered by a human user, or some other protocol? I'm not concerned with performance at this point, really, but I am hesitant to interact with the existing telnet in a way that simulates human input as that's not particularly what it was designed for.

Thanks again for your answer, I'll have a look at the C++ code.

Hi Evgeny,

I use the EF.NET provider already. This is equivalent to using ODBC (I believe the provider is based upon, and uses, ODBC to connect to Caché.)

I think this is the ideal tool for developers to use for Caché at the moment, but I'm interested in exploring a means of querying which won't require SQL and can be written in a style more idiomatic to Caché.