Does anyone in the developer community have experience implementing a customized SDA3 container within HealthShare? There is a course on the learning site (ISC1086) that discusses how to do this, but it's currently listed as "coming soon" and I'm hoping to find some documentation.

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I've written several custom classes to add additional search capabilities to the user / clinician search defined in HS.UI.Registry.User.Find. I've tested it out, and it looks and works how I'd like it to, but I've run into a snag when trying to implement it.

The documentation for registering custom user interface pages shows a table of about 50 configuration registry keys for UI pages, but it only lists:

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· Mar 17, 2017
ErrNoResponseClass Explanation?

I'm pretty new to Ensemble and Cache, and I ran into an error today that I haven't seen before: "ErrNoResponseClass: No Response Classname is assigned for Request class <<someNumber>>". I haven't found much documentation about this beyond the Ensemble Error Codes document, which is essentially just a duplicate of the information I can see in the error message when this problem occurs. Is there any further information about this error and the conditions that cause it? Or perhaps what the <<someNumber>> value represents?

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