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clinFHIR for developers

This article is intended to describe how the clinFHIR application can be used to help developers both understand FHIR and to develop applications that utilize FHIR artifacts. It’s not intended to be an introduction to FHIR, but rather describe how clinFHIR can help on the learning / development journey.

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· Jan 14
What is clinFHIR?

clinFHIR is a web application that has been developed pretty much over the same time as FHIR has.

Originally developed to help clinicians visualize FHIR (hence the ‘clin’ in the name) it has become more widely used by the FHIR community for learning FHIR and assisting with design. It is maintained by David Hay - one of the FHIR Management Group co-chairs with support from InterSystems, which is much appreciated!

There are 4 modules that may be of interest to participants in the upcoming Interoperability contest.

  • The Patient viewer for looking at an individual patients records
  • Server Query which makes RESTful API calls against a FHIR server displaying the result in different formats
  • Bundle Visualizer which will display the contents of a bundle
  • Graph Builder which allows you to build graphs of interconnected resources.

I’ve created a longer post on google docs that goes into a little more details of these modules, with links to other resources such as my blog and the R4 Specification and R5 FHIR specification. I’ll be enhancing that over time - feel free to comment.

A note with regard to FHIR versions. The latest version is R5 (release 5), though many in the community still use R4. In most cases, if you're not sure then use R4. If you're not sure which version a FHIR Server supports, examine its CapabilityStatement which you can get from the server endpoint [host]/metadata

I should also point out that clinFHIR doesn’t currently use SSL. It is on the roadmap, but there are a few issues to work through. The consequence of this is that if you enter ‘' into the browser, it may not find it. You sometimes have to specify .

If you need further assistance, I would alway recommend using the FHIR chat, and if your question / comment / suggestion is related to clinFHIR then there’s a specific stream there.

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