Thanks for detailed answer. I do wish to use Freeze command for the backup so I will perform the journal restore. Based on your explanation then, is it sufficient to do this restore using just the journal file that is switched to at the time of Freeze? 




"ccontrol create" works well if I do this operation on a machine that already has some other cache instance installed. But when I do similar sequence of operations on a machine that has no previous Cache installation, "ccontrol create" fails with the error message:

"ccontrol(create registry): No such file or directory"

Apparently, it is trying to access the file "/usr/local/etc/cachesys/cache.reg" which is obviously not there. Is there any way to create Cache registry on the fly?

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for quick response.

Now, I am trying to run the following code on a Linux box as follows (CACHE is the instance name):

"csession CACHE -U"%SYS" "w ##class(%SYS.System).InstanceGUID()" 

but it results in "<INVALID ARGUMENT>". Is this correct way of running objectscript code on Linux? Sorry if this comes across as a silly question but I am just getting familiar with Cache and its concepts.



Bob, Thanks for the link. I did read the Data Integrity guide and understand the recommendations for WIJ and Journal files. BTW, it would be nice to add information about configuring these files in System admin guide. Even though I read the Data integrity guide, my first instinct was to go to admin guide for these kind of details.