Is there a way to compare the content of two variables/ lists and if they share a common element/ value return 1?

Example the two below both have "Yellow":

Set y = "Red, Green, Orange, Yellow"

Set x = "Purple, Black, Yellow, Pink"

The lists I am working with have over 30 elements/values that vary so it is difficult to hard code it to say look for "Yellow".

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I am able to capture two values in two separate contexts in the BPL. One through an API call and another by looking at the contents of PV1:7. These are context.Prov and context.ProvName. I am checking to see if the values contained in the contexts are the same and if yes process further and if not stop.

In the IF statement I tried the below but none worked. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. The trace does show that they are the same value so that's not it.

1. context.Prov = context.ProvName

2. "context.Prov" = "context.ProvName" and

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I have a BPL that checks if at least one of the incoming OBX 5 values exists in TestTable. If the value exists it gets passed to Operation A and if it doesn't exist it gets passed to Operation B. The lookup table has keys that range between 10 to 70 characters. However, the incoming message sometimes has OBX 5 values that are greater than 510 characters which causes the BPL to terminate and the message does not get sent to any operation.

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I need to run a SQL query and use the output to map PV1 7.1. The query is :

FROM TestTable

When I run this query with the 'TEST PROVIDER' I do pull the ID in question but I can't figure out how to do it from the DTL given that there are various providers sent in PV 1 7 . Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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