Hi @Alexey Maslov 

Thank you.

write $$AllocatedSize^%GSIZE($name(^realglobal))/1024/1024
write $$AllocatedSize^%GSIZE($name(^test global))/1024/1024

Real Global has a count of 30000000

Test global has a count of 45000000

Both global traverse only 1st level in $order.

Real global takes 90 minutes.

 Test Global takes 15 sec

It traverses only the first node even though it takes more time.

Thank you @Dmitry Maslennikov 

I have tried the same program and am getting an elapsed 15.1234 seconds to read.

But my real global has more than 6-8 subscripts and takes 110 minutes.

I'm creating a similar global with 6-8 subscripts and works fine and gets a faster response and takes only 15 to 16 seconds. But even though we traverse only one level in the $order program. So there are no issues in that subscript level.

Is there any other issue in my global?