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Was having trouble finding the information on the implementCCR routines - do you have suggestions for best way to search through the docs?

So just to confirm there is no good way to remove a book once its been given a reserved slot.  The best thing to do is either ignore it if it becomes irrelevant like many books do in people bookshelves or to identify it as out of use.

As a new developer at InterSystems, I've found myself frustrated at times with objectscript.  This gives me a somewhat new found appreciation of the history! Thanks for the thoughts!

1. Data Privacy, User Security, Initial UX design - Angular: company standard for web development and can leverage UIFW2/Frost repo for reusability of components

2.  Dashboards and Developing REST endpoints

3.  Angular, UIFW, some Object Script

4. 60% UI, 20% APIs, 5-10% logistics and Source Control, 10% discussion with UX and Backend teams