Timothy Leavitt · Oct 19, 2021

Where do you spend your time building applications?

Hi Developers! As part of an internal company hackathon at InterSystems, I'd love community feedback on a few topics. Feel free to chime on any/all of these via comment or direct message to me.

  1. If you were to launch a new application/project, what problems would you need to solve right off the bat? What technologies would you use? Why?
  2. What are the most common and repeated problems that you find yourself solving?
  3. Where in InterSystems' technologies do you spend most of your time?
  4. In a solution you have recently implemented, how were your time/efforts allocated? (e.g., across UI, database, APIs, integration, deployment...)

Thank you!

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1. Usability, Flexibility, Security, Data Privacy, Cloud ready and meet to the business.

2. UI, SSO, Microservices Architecture, ORM, DevOps procedures, Dashboards and Reports.

3. Database, ObjectScript, Productions and IaC for DevOps.

4. UI - 50%, Backend 30%, Infra/DevOps 20%.

Hi Yuri,

What do you mean by IoC?
1) Indicator of Compromise, IoC
2) Inversion of Control

I'm guessing Yuri meant IaC - Infrastructure as Code.

Yes, it is IaC, sorry, infra as code

Yes, it is IaC, sorry, infra as code

1. Data Privacy, User Security, Initial UX design - Angular: company standard for web development and can leverage UIFW2/Frost repo for reusability of components

2.  Dashboards and Developing REST endpoints

3.  Angular, UIFW, some Object Script

4. 60% UI, 20% APIs, 5-10% logistics and Source Control, 10% discussion with UX and Backend teams

The internal hackathon is over but I'd love to still hear more thoughts here. :)