Additionally, you may want to look at this series of posts about performance in general:

There are a lot of posts that cover quite a bit of ground, so it may be more than you bargained for, but performance issues are usually more complicated than we wish they were.

In particular, you want to read the first article on setting up and running pButtons (and the link on downloading the latest version of pButtons).  pButtons is a utility that captures various performance metrics at both the Cache and the host levels (including mgstat outputs like the ones asked for in other comments to this post); it is most useful when you have pButtons outputs from times of normal operation and from times of problem operation so they can be compared for differences.  If you're planning to open a WRC case, having pButtons from during the time of the problem and from during normal operation would be a definite plus.

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CPUPct is the percentage of CPU used (in aggregate) by jobs of particular predetermined “types.”  These types include categories like “ECPWorker”, “ECPCliR”,“ECPCliW”, or other ECP categories as well as things like “WRTDMN”, “JRNDMN”, and various mirror related categories.

Since this information is not necessarily useful and since some false positive alerts were being thrown because of problems in calculating this value, tracking and alerts of CPUPct was actually removed starting in 2016.1 with dev change SAP2016, so the next time you upgrade, you shouldn’t see these particular alerts anymore.  If there really is a problem with processes using resources on your system, it will be evident in other ways and can be investigated using other tools.  If you are still seeing these alerts in later versions, please open a WRC case to report it.

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